Car Show Events in Perth

Car lovers in Perth are surely proud after joining and participating in different car shows. Pretty sure that they are all waiting for these events every year. Perth has different car clubs anyway, so they would surely love to organize different events for their members and for the car enthusiast out there.

Not everybody in Perth join car clubs, so pretty sure that they are proud to come and check what’s with the car shows. Most of these events are free anyway, so even the whole family can come and look at the amazing cars from different manufacturers.

Anyway, we have here a list of the car shows that will be held in Perth. As a car lover, you would surely be very interested to know what events are waiting for you this 2018. Make sure to bring your family and friends because these events are for everybody.

The Shannon’s Classic Car Show

This is an event that happened last 18th of April at the Ascot Racecourse in Belmont. This is actually the largest car show for classic car in the Western part of Australia. There are about 20,000 spectators coming every year. They usually have more than 100 motoring clubs from Perth. They had about 800 vintage vehicles showcased.

The Motorvation

The Motorvation had been running this event every year during summer at the Perth Motorplex in Kwinana Beach, especially it is for their anniversary celebration. They said that this is the greatest event of car shows in Perth. There were over 500 competitors who joined the event and there were about 20,000 spectators, who came to witness the driving or Trader’s Alley competition. But, the main event of this celebration is the KFC Burnout Competition Snakepit, where you will see cars burning rubbers. They also have the Audio Precision Sound Off, the Mega Skid Max, the Miss Motorvation and live entertainment.

The WA Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular

This event is good for two days. It is an indoor activity that will be held in a series of pavilions this June. The event will be held at the Robinson in the Silver Jubilee and Jim Webster Pavilions. You can see hundreds of vehicles here, especially custom cars and motorcycles.

The Day of the Volkswagen

If you have a Volkswagen car, then you would surely want to join this event. They usually hold it in December, so you still have ample time to prepare and think about your entry. This is an event that is sponsored by the Volkswagen Australia as well as the Shannon’s Insurance. They have been running this event for more than 10 years now and there were about 10 vehicles set in different conditions. The sponsors are saying that they are not after how modified or restored your VW car is because everybody is in the event no matter what the condition of the car is. Anyway, this event is not only for car lovers, but for the entire family. So, pretty sure that you would love to bring your kids, too.

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