The 2018 OZ Car Shows in Western Australia

As a car lover, we are always waiting for upcoming events on different car shows. We might not be a participant, but we may support our friends, who is joining the said events. We may not also own a car, but that would not stop us from our interest in cars. That’s how car lovers are anyway.

How are the car lovers doing in Perth? So far, how many car show events have you been to? Pretty sure that you have joined and witness several events from different parts of the world. The OZ Car shows always have upcoming events in Australia, right? So, have you checked them? Anyway, if you are from the Western part of Australia, then you have to wait till November of this year for the OZ Show Cars. But, do not worry about the waiting time because pretty sure that it’s worth it.

The Boddington Ute Muster WA

This event will be held in Boddington Rodeo Grounds Hakea Rd, Boddington, WA. That will be on a Saturday and scheduled on the 3rd of November this 2018. There will also be a camping available in the area. Anyway, this event is supported by the Boddington Lions Rodeo. There will be 9 categories in all, so pretty sure that you can take home the great trophies. We have the Best Semi Rural, Best BNS, Best Chicks, Best Street, Best 4×4, Best Feral, Best Local, Best Pre ’85 and the Peoples Choice. You are only allowed to choose 1 category for your nomination. The Utes will automatically be included in the People’s Choice Award and will participate the cavalcade.

The Town N Country Ute Muster WA

This event is a part of the Albany Agricultural Society, which will be held on the 9th and 10th of November this 2018 in Albany WA. The main aim of the society is to expedite the annual Ute Muster. The event is still far, but you may start inquiring for the tickets. You may always buy tickets in advance because pretty sure that they will run out of tickets in the middle of the year.

The GM Owner’s Day Car Show

The AABIC has been supporting the GM Owner’s Day Car Show since 1988. It is also presented by the Shannons. The said event will be held on the 18th of November at the Steel Blue Oval, Bassendean. The show will start at exactly 9:30am and it will end at 4pm. The proceeds of the event will benefit the Advancement of Brain Injured Children (WA) Inc. the organizers are also planning to add more activities, where the whole family as well as their children would also enjoy.

In my opinion, this event is not only a chance for car lovers in Perth to witness. It could have been better, if they can bring their family members to also witness the event because there are activities there that fits every individual’s age. So, do not think that waiting time will just be wasted because this event is for you to have fun and enjoy.