Our Post Box

The Pro-liens Perth Car Lovers Blog or the PLPCL Blog are encouraging our members as well as readers to send us their comments and suggestions regarding the car club’s issues and concerns, especially, if you have unresolved problems about the upcoming events of the car club. It could have been better, if every member of the club would raise their concerns because that is the best way to hear your voices.

May this website blog of our car club serve as a means of open communication among the officers and members of the club. We believe that this website blog would be an effective method of communication. So, please feel free to open up topics that you would like to discuss, especially the unclear ones.

The PLPCL Blog also believes that every member of the car club, whoever they are, has the right to be heard because the car club believes in the freedom and right to speech. So, if you think that you have something to say, then you can practice all your rights through this website blog.

So, allow us to hear you all out by posting us what you are keeping there. Our email address is admin@pro-liens.com.