PC Profile Page

The Pro-liens Perth Car Lovers is a car lover’s club established and founded in Perth this 2018 with the aim of giving information, facts and tips about cars, which you used in sports, private use, car shows and public transportation. Anything you want to know about cars would be available here.

The Pro-liens Perth Car Lovers Blog or the PLPCL Blog exists because we at our club would like to keep our members close. We would like them to know each other through our website blog. We believe that all our valued members cannot meet each other personally due to their personal obligations and priorities. So, we have this website blog as a means of communication. Apart from that, it would be very easy for the car club to encourage more members, especially the one’s from Perth or Western Australia.

Through the PLPCL Blog, we can easily inform all our members about our activities, events, meetings and other important announcements that everybody needs to know. This is an easier and faster way of letting all our members learn the local and the international whereabouts of the car club. Everything that you need to know regarding the club is also found here.

Our car club officers and members are all doing their best to keep and maintain this website blog. So, we thank you for all the efforts.