Perth Local Business: Valued Sponsor

For those who follow our blog, you might of heard that we’ve been searching for a sponsor for possible future club events in Perth. Since our blog is related to cars, we tried seeking high and low for a sponsor who are also in the car industry. After many knock backs, we finally found a Perth local business owner who was willing to at least sponsor one of our future events. What is more fitting then a Perth car hire company sponsoring our cause! In this post, we briefly outline our story.

Search Challenge for a Perth Based Sponsor

You might think that the Perth metro area is big and opportunities for a sponsor should be easy to find, right? From our experience it was the contrary. You see, the metropolitan area here is relative large. Covering suburbs from North of the River and also suburbs South of the River. Pretty much as far north as Two Rocks and as far south as Singleton. It includes about 30 local government designated areas such as City of Swan, City of Wanneroo, City of Joondalup, City of Rockingham and obviously City of Perth. As a quick guide of the metro area coverage, refer to the Google map below:


As you can see from the map above, it is a relatively large area. But what you have to keep in mind is that once you narrow down the industry niche (in our case the car/transport industry) in Perth, the number is not that big – especially when you are seeking a sponsor (for pretty much nothing in return, except a mention in our blog!).

Partnering Up With a Perth Car Hire Company

To cut a long story short, we ended up got at least a short term sponsorship from a local business (link at top of page). To be honest, they weren’t the first one to say yes. In fact, we had a total of three including the one we ended up going with. But the other two candidates (if you’d like to call them that) were not in the car/transport industry, despite us specifically saying that was somewhat a criteria that needed to be matched.

Anyways, the car hire firm even kindly offered to give us a free “word of mouth” spread to some of their select customers about our blog and existence. So from the bottom of our heart, we’d like to extend our out most sincere appreciation of their gesture. By volunteering to sponsor (albeit a possibility of only sponsoring one event) us already meant a lot. But their extended support by mentioning us to some of their customers were totally unexpected. So thank you!

Our Favours in Return

One thing for sure is that we recognise people’s kindness. It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. So we would also like to return the favour. In comparison, we are definitely not in the same status as our new sponsor. By no means do we have a fleet of asset or large number of employees. So we know whatever it is that we give back in return will never measure up to their generosity. but we will do what we can do to raise their profile and perhaps even bring more business their way. With that said, we’d like to end this post by saying that if you ever need a hire car; then choose our sponsor!

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