What we Follow

As a car club member, you all know our rules, and we would like to apply it also here. We would like to inform every member and reader of this website blog that we are also posting all information that is meant for members and public awareness. But, these are only true for the Pro-liens Perth Car Lovers Club. So, do not expect us to be posting anything about other car clubs or organization.

We are also posting articles containing facts about different cars. But, we do not allow our writers to send us articles that are not originally written by them. We respect other forms of publication because we would also want them to give us respect. If we caught our writers, sending us copied articles, then we will remove him from our group of writers. Aside from that he will be given a temporary suspension.

The car club is very strict in your comments because we do not like any reader to provoke fights. So, we do not allow you to use malicious, vulgar and bad words.

We would like to inform everybody that we are not responsible for any personal fights or misunderstandings that our members or readers are facing. If they have personal problems, then they must settle that without using the power or the name of the car club.